Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Day!

This year we decided to start a new holiday tradition..... We will have a fancy and formal dinner on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas Day....

Anything goes!

This year we had Pizzas, wings, cheese, bread, crackers, fruit, and a ton more. We invited friends and family to stop in, and we had people popping around all day. It was an amazing day, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

We have decided to start a new Christmas tradition.

I even attempted a small croquembouche. It wasn't as magnificent as I had hoped, but next year it will be even better! And of course I will try not to burn myself next time!

Tyler had the honor of getting to try the first creampuff!


I know, I know. It has been absolute ages since I have updated, but I have been very busy!

The holidays are always a time of lots of exciting cooking, and sampling of delicious wines. This season was no exception.

One of the treats that we had was some Icewine from Malivoire winery in Ontario. It was spectacular! Thanks so much, Shirley for bringing it for us!

Of course I made an obscene amount of biscotti.....

And I finally made the fried polenta triangles ala Fogo de

I made my favourite Parisian style Macarons....

And a lovely pork dish for Christmas eve dinner!

I hope that you all had a lovely holiday as well. I hope that I'll soon be able to post pics from the delicious dishes from our Christmas Day feast!