Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dinner Party


I was so excited about this dinner party
I seriously deliberated all week about what to make.

We usually have dinners where all of the food is served at once, and we have to eat early
so the kids can partake.

but we said, "nay."

This was served course by course- preparing each after the previous one had been

First we had a bit of cheese.

Fab Fromage for Quebec
(served on ceramic coasters)

The avocado and cucumber soup we learned to make in Quebec,
topped with serrano pepper whipped cream.

Fried green tomatoes, roasted beets and remoulade!

Served over polenta

The main course was Osso Buco

I don't have photos

The dessert was a caramel apple pecan cheesecake

Also, no photos.

We were having fun...we must have forgotten :P

Freshly Picked Dinner!

All ready to go!

Choke Cherries

Felix likes to help pick

Though amazingly not much of what he picked
ended up in the bowl.

They're pretty tart, arent they?

He didn't seem to care- he ate handfulls of them- pits and all.

Choke Cherries, before they were cooked for the sauce

Delcious Cretons from Charlevoix!

Garlic that looked like a butt!

(This is why the farmers market is awesome- you get cool surprises like this!)

Elk Steaks

Fingerlings- Just a few pats of butter and a drizzle of maple

Waiting for the potatoes to be done.

Elk steaks with chokecherry veal sauce, Beet tops (from the previous days golden beets,) d maple roasted fingerlings.

Except for the butter and the maple syrup, this meal was
made from all local ingredients!

Weekend Lunches

Summer is slowly coming to an end so we are making the most of our
Saturdays to make some delicious food for the family

Tomato, grown by yours truly...

Felix enjoying a carrot at the Farmers Market
They were so delicious that we bought a bunch...
... and had them for lunch!

Golden Beets, Carrots, Purple Onions and Purple Carrots

Roasted and topped with Raspberry from the beautiful Isle d'Orlean

Served along side an elk burger, topped with garden fresh tomato
and of course dill gouda!


Even Felix loved our wonderful Saturday lunch!