Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cuisine from the Republic of Georgia

Ever since Saveur published 'Everlasting Feast: Food in the Republic of Georgia.' I have been fascinated with the cuisine. I cooked most of the recipes from the issue, and was happy with the results. But, tonight I had the opportunity to eat at a Georgian restaurant in Warsaw.

Everything that we ordered was simply amazing. 

The food was simple, but the way that the flavours complimented one another... I can't even explain it. Your just have to try it yourself...or at least check out a few pics. 

For appetizer we ordered Hachapuree. Which the English translation on the menu stated was, ' Round yeast pie filled with different kinds of cheese.'  I have to admit that they lost me a little there with that whole 'yeast pie,' business, but when the waiter brought it out... it was just heavenly. It was warm, soft and came with a tomato sauce that stank to high heaven of garlic (so, obvs amazing). The crust was Lefse- thin and browned.  the cheese at that perfect place where it isn't solid, but isn't oozing all over he place either. It was salty, savoury and dare I say yeasty? 

I also tried a Spinach Ball. Spinach, walnuts, cilantro and pomegranate. 
I know, it looks just like what you would get when opening a frozen box of chopped spinach. 
That may be true, but this thing was a flavour bomb! 
It was bright, had great texture and the perfect balance of saltiness. 

Next, came the main course. 
I ordered pork stew with Georgian spices or Chashusulee. It was once again
super flavourful, the meat could be cut with a spoon it was so tender. It almost tasted like it would be at home on a taco. None of the ubiquitous cumin flavour; just peppers, salt, garlic and cilantro. 

My dinner companion for the evening ordered Hinkalee.  Traditional dumplings with minced meat and broth. And yes, don't worry. I made sure to point out to her on more than one occasion the anatomical resemblance of these meaty little dumplings. 

The restaurant also had a small selection of very reasonable priced wine. 
The restaurant, Guamarjos (Which means 'victory'), is located in southern Warsaw.
Its a bit of a hike to get there, but is most certainly worth the trip. 

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