Monday, February 2, 2015

The Red Hog/Czerwony Wieprz

This Month I am in Warsaw for work, Naturally (as one does), I had researched a lot about the city, and the restaurants before we flew over. The city of Warsaw is very beautiful in its own way. It is a collage of gorgeous architecture interspersed with grey, utilitarian brick structures. The Old Town is a little touristy, but being a tourist that's perfectly ok with me. 'The Old Town' is not actually that much older than any of the other buildings in Wasrsaw. During WWII, the city was reduced to a pile of rubble, An Italian Painter, Bernardo Belotto, was an artist who painted cityscapes. Much of what was rebuilt in the old town was based on the paintings that Bellotto had made of the city. Much of the city's history is very grim, but isn't it just fantastic that instead of just throwing up some boring buildings, time was taken to rebuild the city similar to how it had been before. 

After a great foot screamer of a walk around the city, we headed out to dinner at the Red Hog. It was one of the placed that was recommended online and by everyone who had been there. The food is polish is spirit, but hardly typical. 
Naturally, beer happened. 

I have found that people here are very proud of Zywiec beer. Practically every time i have ordered a beer, they ask if you're sure you don't want a polish beer instead. 

The Red Hog had carpaccio on the menu, and as a creature of habit/obsession/OMG, Carpaccio!, I ordered it. Not sure what it is, but I just love the stuff. This one was a bit different in that it had Parmesan as well as goat cheese, and green and black olives instead of just capers. 

2 of my colleagues ordered this chicken cutlet, stuffed with butter and mushrooms and butter and butter. 

Also, the pork cutlet with cucumber salad. 

Naturally, I ordered this. I mean, if theres a venison shank on the menu with festive shoots sticking out of the bone, count. me. in. It was served with celery root puree and some jus. I was honestly torn about whether to get this or not, but it was on the February menu, so I figured it wouldn't last forever, go for it now. 

Desserts were pretty great, This was a meringue cake on a fruit star

And this is a fruit star on creme brulee 

Zabaglione with currant coffee puree. 

Oh yeah, and vodka happened too. 

On another note, in the entry way of the restaurant, there are photos of celebrities who have eaten there. Bruce Willis is heavily featured. We asked how we get on the picture wall and they told us, ' You just gotta come in with Bruce Willis. Well him or Chuck Norris. We like him too.'

So. Bruce (Or Chuck), next time you're heading to Cielony Wierpz, let us know (assuming it is in the month of February). We'll order a 5 Liter of beer, and finally get our picture on the wall. 

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