Saturday, July 30, 2011

Raspberry picking

We finally found the time to go berry picking today. Felix had just gone down for a nap, so Lochlan and I snuck out and headed to Belluz Farms! Lochlan had gone there a few months before with school, I thought it was very sweet when he said to me. " I met the farmer when I went there before...she will probably remember me."

On the ride out to the Berries!

Raspberries are one of my absolute favourites, and there are few pleasures, simpler and greater than a ripe raspberry, warmed by the sun, and popped right into your mouth.

We saw so many beautiful things, that made us glad that we had decided to go out.

We managed about a half of a basket. Before Loch got bored- actually it was less than that, but I insisted we stay until we picked just a few more.

And of course we had to go play, and see the pig!

Felix went nuts for the berries, but the majority of them are in the freezer to save for the winter months! Raspberry recipes coming soon!

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