Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quebec- Day 2

What a great day!

We had our first cooking course this morning. On the menu was..

A mushroom and asparagus salad- The asparagus were cooked absolutely perfectly- It was delightful!

Main course was a beer braised chicken leg, with celery and potato boulengere.

Dessert was homemade vanilla ice cream and French Canadian sugar pie (which I made, and I have to tell you I stumbled through that recipe like nothing you have ever seen)

After that we went to the Citadelle and for a tour of the residence of the Governor General of Canada.

View from the Citadelle

Walked through the city and stopped for a coffee to regroup

Of course had a lovely Pain au chocolat to accompany.

Saw that cannonball tree

Speaking of things you don't see everyday, here is a lady with a cat on her shoulder

Then went to Restaurant Aux Ancient Canadiens

check out the 95 dollar entree- I was tempted(Don't worry,Nathan- I didnt :P)

For of us ordered an app and we all shared.

We had Rillettes de bison et chutney de canneberges Which was basically a meat spread with fruit

Marmite de feves au lard (baked beans)


Pate a la viande serve avec notre maridade aux fruits- sweet meat pie with fruit.

They even had TV's so you could watch the chefs cooking!

On the walk back i got some cheese- I think that is what I am having for dinner!

I have a feeling that I am going to be a glorious sausage by the time I return!

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  1. Yay! Hey I'm gonna be running there in a few weeks, scope it out for me!