Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quebec- Day 8

Day 8 we swapped menus, since we needed an ingredient for a dish, and we wouldn't procure that ingredient until
that afternoon.

Chef Eric doing a Demo of how to prep the Pissaladierre

Obviously thrilled to be working with Foie Gras

Lightly dredging the Foie Gras in Flour

Foie Gras topped with truffles and edible gold- we had it as an amuse bouche. Sadly, I didn't like it. I waited until Eric left the room and then asked someone else to eat it.

Chef Eric doing a demo of how to put the Coulis on the soup

Zucchini soup with pepper coulis and maple syrup


Spinach strawberry salads and fish with a sweet apricot ginger glaze ( I think, gotta check on that.)
Anyone remember the name of this fish?

Tart Tatin

Do for our adventure, we went to l'ile d'Orleans--a word I can obviously pronounce without flaw :P

First stop, Liz Ouellet. Cassis and more!

First we went and visited the asparagus.

There were a few small ones, so we snapped them, and ate them there- It was probably the best (and obviously freshest) I have had. I never really thought to eat it like that.

It was as tall as me...

...and as tall as Brenda


Kid. Candystore

Cassis (Black Currants)

Chef Eric pondering the intricacies of the universe as he gazes over a field of Cassis

Self portrait entitled, A girl and her currant

The "class" tasting the berries

Field Trip

Our bus taking a nap in the field of sunflowers

Oh, Hello there!

Currant stock of beverages

Of course we had to sample!

Next Stop

Maple Syrup!

Making tire d'erable sur le neige

Yum! Its like a sweet sticky flower!

Our guide explaining how to make syrup.

Did you know a 4 liter pail will only boil down to 100ml of maple syrup?

More Cheese!

Girl cooking the cheese- It tasted like a salty Saganaki, sans flame. The place was actually out of it to purchase, but I managed to hunt some down.

Trying Birch Beer-

(I accidentally typed "Bitch Beer" before, freudian perhaps? haahaa )

Lovely view

Musee des Beaux Arts at night

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