Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quebec- Day 6

For Saturday, we didn't do any cooking... instead we hopped on the bus and took a scenic drive out to the Charlevoix region. About an hour east of Quebec City, the Charlevoix is a region of farms, rolling hills and charming towns- it is spectacular!

Our first stop was at the Laiterie Charlevoix Economusee du fromage- I found the place a little cheezy (haahaa)

The farm

Chef Eric tries his hand at farming.

Trying samples of the cheeses

The Milk truck.

One thing that is really cool about this place is its sustainability. 2 months ago, they began using a system that can produce gas from the cheese byproducts. They then use this to warm the milk, eliminating the need for oil- saving money, and the environment.

Our guide explaining the process

Type of cow that makes the 1608 cheese (not this one though, it is a boy.) There used to be thousands of this variety, but now there are only 500 of them left. The region is working on growing the population of this valuable cow; the fat content is higher, and therefore less waste is produced while cheesemaking.

Aging cheese

After that we went to an Centre de L'emeu de Emu Farm!

They are very odd looking creatures.

Here is one that is especially strange!
(i'm so emu..i liked them before they were cool)

Free Range Emu

It was hard to get a shot of these guys- every time I lifted my camera, they turned away!

Baby Emu

Emu Eggs, if you have a recipe that calls for 10 eggs, just use one of these instead!

Next stop, La Ferme Basque de Charlevoix

A duck farm!

Here are some babies

The ducks...ahem...after

The lovely owner, Isabelle, giving us samples of the products.

On the wall, in Basque "Ducks are lovely in the sky, but even lovelier on the plate."

We had a picnic there

Chef Eric demonstrating how to enjoy foie gras with icewine

Cat playing with the pigs- the cat ended up on our bus at one point

We then went to Baie-St paul

Samples the selection from the local micro-brewery

Far left was a blonde beer, very good. number 2 was infused with chamomile, I couldn't drink it. Number 3,delicious! Number 4, to dark for my tastes, but enjoyed by the others.

As you can see, we all ordered the same thing.

We stopped for drink and a snack at pub galway.

Irish poutine. It was interesting- but I won't be sad if I never eat it again


Day 7 is the day off, so I will post again tomorrow if we have anything fun!

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