Monday, March 14, 2011


I had booked this breakfast at Brennan's almost immediately after finalizing plans to go to New Orleans. The food at this place is said to be legendary, and I have to say the grub was pretty damn good.

Nathan and I both ordered the Prix Fixe 3 course menu.

For appetizer, I ordered a baked apple in heavy cream. Very delicious! And Nathan ordered Oyster Soup. I didn't try any, but he ate it all, so It can't have been that bad.

And of Course we ordered Sazaracs for appetizer as well. I didn't really like it, so nathan drank the rest of mine.

A Sazerac is a Drink that originated in New Orleans, if you like Anise flavored drinks, you will probably like to have one. A Sazerac is made with Rye, Herbsaint or absinth, and Peychaud's Bitters (also originated in NOLA)

For the main course I had Eggs Hussarde. Poached eggs on Canadian bacon and holland rusks, with hollandaise and Marchand De Vin Sauce.

Brennans was kind enough to post the recipe Here

Nathan Ordered Eggs Owen
Poached Eggs with beef hash and marchand de vin sauce
Oh gosh, and here is the Recipe for it

There was an elephant in my coffee

But, the main attraction here was the dessert! Brennans actually invented the dish Bananas Foster, so it seemed like we would be silly not to order it. I didn't order it....

But, Nathan did! I ordered the crepes Rockafeller and they were ridiculous! Thin crepes filled with cream cheese and flambeed strawberries. It was soooo good.

We also had a bottle of wine.

We left the place pretty damn happy.

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  1. That sounds like the most amazing breakfast. Especially the elephant!