Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Green Goddess

I was so excited to get to go here.

The Hubby of one of my fave authors is the owner/chef of this establishment.

Green goddess is situated in a lovely little alleway (yes, alleyway) in the French Quarter. There are pots of plants along the tables, growing things like rainbow chard, mint, and tons of other edibles.

There are only 4 tables or so inside, and about 9 outside. We waited 45 minutes for our table, we NEVER wait at a restaurant, but I really really wanted to go here, so we waited. Writing about this I can practically feel the warmth of the sun on my face....

I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the service. We had a couple screw ups, but the awesomeness of the food made up for that. The dishes that they serve, are simple, but the imaginitive mix of ingredients is what makes this food truly spectacular.

I ordered a mojito, and nathan had a bloody mary. Definitely not from a mix, there was actually tomato skin floating in the drink.

For an entree I had a cuban sandwich. It had pineapple, aioli, pork and more. It was great! What really stood out though, was the bread. It wasn't too thick or thin, too floppy, crumbly, crusty, or was just.... perfect. ...

Nathan ordered a meatloaf sandwich, and it was quite good. I believe it was bison or buffalo, studded with bacon pieces and smothered in whole grain mustard sauce.

Quite good.

I ended up getting sunburned. I have to say that was less than stellar, but I was so happy to get to experience this restaurant.

They have a ton of fun drinks on the menu as well, I would have liked to try some of the others, but they were a little steep.

I cant find the damn pictures of our entrees. I will try to find them soon

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