Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras

We got into New Orleans on Monday evening. As we were checking into the B and B, we could hear the parade passing by about a block away. Fat Tuesday was spent wandering up and down St. Charles street, looking for something to eat other than the ubiquitous hot dogs and elephant ears that were for sale. The food that was not for sale along the street looked amazing. During the Zulu Parade we were standing next to what looked like a 20 gallon pot, where a man was cooking. Over the course of the parade, he proceeded to toss pigs feet, pork necks, and corn cobs into the violently boiling pot.

We ended up getting a delicious cuban sandwich from Eiffel, once for 4 bucks and once for 5.. crazy how the food gets more expensive as the day wears on!

We also had a burger at a dive bar.

And we had lots of beer (Abita) and wine.

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