Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Friday night pizza, what could be better!

The only problem that is I am at work and cannot make dough... Hmm what to do? Call my hubby and ask him to make it.

So, Nathans pulls out my trusty recipe book. It is impossibly small and the pages are falling out, but it is a treasure trove. To me at least!

The recipe we use is as follows

3 1/2 cups of flour
1 cup of warm H2O
2 t yeast
2 t sugar (we used to use honey, but since we have small kids, we stopped)
Olive Oil

Put the yeast in the water, and add the sweetener. Wait 5 minutes.

add the yeast and the salt to 1/2 of the flour gradually adding more flour until it is the desired consistency. Elastic, but not gooey or too sticky. Knead for 5 minutes.

Put in a bowl, coat with olive oil and let it rest. When it had doubled, punch it down, let it rise again and then it is time to cook!

Now, to make truly spectacular pizza, you need a few essentials. A pizza stone and a pizza paddle.

Put the stone in the oven to heat up before you put the pizza in, and the paddle is to put in and take out the pie. Just sprinkle some corn meal on the paddle and the dough will be all slidey, and slide right on to the stone.

We used to skip this step, thinking that it didn't really matter, but it really is important to put the pizza on a very hot surface! My sis-in-law has one of these paddles, and after I tried it, I was hooked! In t bay you can get one at the Kitchen Nook!

Put the corn meal on the paddle, then the flattened dough, add sauce and voila!

Nice work on the dough, Nathan! I was very Impressed. Especially considering you live with a kitchen hog!

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