Saturday, May 21, 2011


No, it isn't my stripper name.

It isn't even an alternate persona at all.

It is a sandwich!

An oddly named one at that... people don't generally want to eat anything with "muff" in the name... not in public at least.

The Muffaletta sandwich originated in New Orleans. It is a round loaf of bread loaded with meats, cheese, and topped off with an olive salad mixture.

A Jar of this happened to find its way into my possession, and I thought it sounded like a a great lunch idea.

I got a small round loaf from Maltese, added a layer of lettuce (to keep the bread from getting soggy,) tomato, red onion, ham, salami with proscuitto, provolone and at last the olive salad!

This seems to be traditionally served on a loaf of bread a bit hollower than this, so I carved a little bread out to make a nice little niche for the olive salad.

I cut into it, and from the side it looked almost like layers of rock. It is very colorful, and even more importantly, it is very delicious.

Though, I must point out the obvious and mention that if you do not like olives, you will hate this sandwich. Unless of course you love olives, then you will likely love eating it.

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