Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Eggs!

So, I had the chance to visit
Vanderwees Farms last week and take a little
tour of the facility.

It was so cool seeing how everything works!

Of course, being an egg farm, there were
chickens present.

I bought a lot of eggs.

Felix's 2nd birthday was coming up.

We decided that we would have an Easter egg hunt at his
party, since it was the day before Easter.

Some plastic eggs, and some dyed.

We cooked up a batches of eggs

In our handy-dandy steamer.

And the boys got to work coloring them.

Felix liked to peel them before he dyed them,
so there were a few casualties.

Loch had fun.

All ready to go!

The kids had a fantastic time gathering the eggs.

We made a brownie cake for the party.

We had the Photobooth set up!

Felix had a blast...

...until the cake came out.

All partied out.

The next day was Easter.

After the boys had gobble an obscene amount
of chocolate, came the real highlight of the day!

Eggs benedict!

We sort of threw it all together with whatever we had... like day old baguette

Getting ready to poach and make some hollandaise.


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