Monday, April 2, 2012

The Lake and Lake Avenue Cafe

I was absolutely thrilled to get to go here with Kim.

I had been to the Lake Avenue Cafe once before and it was
only for an afternoon beverage. I was super excited to actually order from the menu!

When we sat down, I immediately ordered a pizza for the kids.

I ordered a Bridged for myself.
(cranberry, honey and sage infused bourbon and ginger soda.)

Chorizo stuffed dates with smoked pepper aioli.

Lake superior fish cakes with pickled asparagus, and cucumber horseradish.

That's all we got- We didn't get around to ordering
because someone was being crabby.
(I'll give you a hint...they are 1 and 5 year old little boys)

The next morning we got up early and took a walk
along the lakeshore.


Lochlan looking over the water.

Pieces of Ice along the shoreline.

The sounds were amazing...the pieces of ice crashing into each other.


Felix navigating the rocks and ice.

Watching the ice.

He saw a dog. So of course he ran to say, "Hello."

After our fun morning together they were off to the
cities with Grandma and Grandpa.

I headed back towards the border all alone.
I intended to head straight back, but I saw all of these
kites in Grand Marais and thought I should
stop and have a look.

I had a coffee.
Snapped a few pictures.
And was on my way.

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