Monday, April 2, 2012

Trip to Duluth

The boys were lucky enough to get to spend
Spring break with their grandparents in Minnesota.

We decided that we would take our time and make a few
stops along the way.

Actually, I decided that- I don't think they really cared.

After a brief stop at Tim Hortons we stopped off at the
Thunder Oak Cheese Farm

The day was beauful and sunny.

Of course we had to get some cheese curds!

We bought some of our favourite kinds of cheese.

If you have never been out to the Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, it is a must!
Their gouda is world class!!
If you stop into the shop, you can sample every variety that they make.

Can you imagine bringing home an entire wheel of this?


Watching the cheese making process.

Time to go!

Not long after that, Felix nodded off. The evidence of his cookie gobbling
still all over his face.

Lochlan was engrossed in a superhero DVD...

...oblivious to the stunning scenery.

We stopped off on Grand Marais for a coffee.

South of Two Harbors, we ended up taking the old Scenic Highway.
We spent about 10 minutes looking at this,
A tow truck blocking the road.

Thank goodness I have little boys, they thought
it was SO COOL! They were very engrossed with
watching the driver load the car up.

After that little delay we were off in search of some lunch.
I knew that I wanted to stop at Nokomis or new Scenic Cafe.

We ended up at the New Scenic Cafe.

And wow, scenic it was! 

We had a fantastic view of the lake, and warm sunlight was pouring in the windows.  

Clean, rustic decor.

It felt very homey.

Would you look at that view of Superior?

Felix was quite content eating ice cubes.

It must have filled him up, because he was not
very interested in his waffles.

I ordered a beet salad for a starter. It was perfect!

Lochlan ordered a grilled cheese.
The kids menu items were awesome!
They came on cool long plates.

He loved his sandwich!

My pheasant and waffles!
That egg was amazing!
The kids loved the pheasant and
probably ate more of it than I did!

The kids played with chalkboards at the table.
 Felix ended up with more chalk on his face than food.

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